Where would I go to find my machine’s correct information needed to order a set of Infamous Company custom forged wheels?
The best way to get your specific information for the order page would be to contact the local dealer of your machine. Give your V.I.N to the technician, and they can provide you with all the details needed. If you are having any types of issues gathering what is required, please email us at
How do I determine if Infamous Company’s wheels will fit my application?
The wheels that we manufacture are intended to press the limits of appeal and performance on any and every application. Even though we have the capability to mount our hub centric wheels on any motorized vehicle with a lug PCD and on any Harley Davidson known to the market, it is strictly your due diligence to ensure your fitment parameters prior to submitting your order form.

Negative offsets: We offer automobile wheels in negative offsets starting at -25 in our 10” width, -50 in our 12” width, -75 in our 14” width, and -100 in our 16” width. If you do not intend on modifying your vehicles front suspension, then we would recommend you choose a -25 offset as this wheel size will regularly sit at the wheel wells edge. A -50 offset will fit over standard on vehicles with a larger wheel well opening and should not create obstruction. Our -75 and our -100 offsets are intended for mounting to the rear axle for wide tires or on front and rear axles of vehicles which have a modified suspension that will accommodate the wide stance. A key piece to remember is the type of tires that you intend on utilizing will play more of a role on fitment to your application.

Harley Davidson: The wheels that we manufacture have been specially designed to fit certain manufacturing years and models. Things to consider are wheel to fender spacing and wheel to frame or fork tube spacing. Large wheels may require other modifications and these obstructions should be considered prior to placing your order.
What are negative offsets?
A negative offset is when the hub mounting surface is behind the wheel centerline. “Deep dish” wheels are typically a negative offset. The wider the wheel is the deeper the wheel face is and the longer the wheel barrel is.
Infamous Company offers custom unlimited finishing options, what other options can I request for my order?
We have the capability to combine multiple processes with an array of color variations. Possibilities are endless with us, for example you may request an anodized base color with another paint, powder, polish or chrome color implemented in recessed areas of designs that provide space for this sort of feature. This may be done with a powder or polished base as well. If you have a scheme that you would like to see on your wheels, please share with us your idea and if it is possible within the laws of physics and chemistry then it is possible with us.
How often will Infamous Company release new designs and products?
Here at Infamous Company we continue daily to grow and perfect our craft. Having an exceptionally proportioned team of anxious personage gives us the ability to design and develop new ideas at a swift rate. There are ideas in development that have never been done before and we intend to be the first to promote while the rest follow.
Why does it take 10-14 weeks to ship my wheels?
We build your wheels custom to your order placed. We do not cut designs or complete any finishes prior to receiving a printed order form that comes directly from our website. Your wheels may be completed sooner than our outlined estimated shipping date. If your wheel set is relatively simple, then that estimated time frame will surely minimize. We do ask you to be sympathetic to extremely complex orders to give us the time to put our first-class efforts forward in completing your investment.
Can I pick up my wheels rather than wait for shipping?
Due to our geographical site we choose not to offer a location available to the public and all our orders are exchanged through shipping partners.
How does Infamous Company gauge cost and time duration for the custom designs?
It is difficult to measure the cost and the time it takes to complete a custom cut set of wheels; they consist of many variables. The cost will include raw materials, hardware, tooling components, engineering, drafts, programs, machining, finishing and delivery per customer’s request. Duration is dependent on the complexity of the design and finish; we will try our best to have a custom wheel set completed within 8 weeks. If we feel that we may exceed the 8 weeks for some unforeseen reason, then we will contact you to explain your special circumstance and update you with the completion date. Please allow us the time it takes to create your wheels as we are just as eager to manufacture as you are to mount them.
What is the period of Infamous Company’s warranty program?
Infamous Company’s products are supported by a lifetime warranty on the structure and a one-year warranty on finishes to the original purchaser with the original receipt. We also offer an optional two-year or five-year warranty on our finishes. Our finishes carry a one-year warranty, however due to wheel hygiene and personal practices; each warrantied submission will undergo a thorough investigation to determine if the wheels have been cared for and the reason why the finish has failed. We absolutely will not repair a negligent owner’s wheels. Our finish warranty covers only damage from UV rays, peeling or flaking and only if it has not physically meet road debris or a foreign object. You should always wash your wheels with soap and water rather than harsh chemicals to keep them clean. If you choose to use anything other than soap and water to clean your wheels, then your finish warranty has automatically become void. Oxidation takes place through the elements in our atmosphere and are guaranteed to be present through the lifetime of a wheel. Cleanliness is imperative to a lasting finish. When someone other than yourself mounts your tires, installs valve stems on your wheels or installs new bearings in your hubs ask them to be courteous and be sure that they are using the latest equipment available. We will not be held responsible for someone else’s work ethics nor the method they are choosing to use. We use the strongest, most costly finishes and coats on our wheels and never compromise quality. Your wheels finish can last a lifetime with the proper care and practices. If you ever need your wheels refinished or color changed please contact our studio and we will quote the work for you.
What do I do if my wheels were damaged during shipping?
If your wheels or wheels components become damaged during shipping, then you will be required to contact the shipper to file a claim with them. We stand alongside of our clients if the worst is to happen, but it is the shipper’s responsibility to be sure that your wheels are in the same condition when you open your box or boxes as they were when we closed them.
Why does Infamous Company leave the requirements per application to the purchaser?
We ask that anyone interested in our products review things to consider prior to ordering our products. Things like tire to fender spacing or ride height are important variables that are imperative to your realization prior to certifying and accepting your order. We do things entirely different from any of our competitors and with the broad array of options that we offer it is in everyone’s best interest to be certain that what you are requesting us to build is exactly what you want and need to fit your application before we start the build. Therefore, at the bottom of each order page you must certify that you are requesting us to build are your choices on the order page. This allows us to understand that your wheels are built to the specifications required to suit your demand. This does not mean that we will not help you gather the information needed, all that we ask is that you do your best to gather your details prior to contacting us. You are in possession of the subject being fitted and therefore you are in the best position to determine your requirements.
Why could Infamous Company’s products be considered superior?
We truly believe that our products are industry leading since we spare no cost to supply our automotive wheels with billet center pieces. We have also incorporated a unique “thick” style hub to form a stronger statement on your bike. We offer limitless finishes to consumers as well as the ability to create your own one of a kind design to suit your own one of a kind look that no one else can represent. None of our competitors can say that. Bigger is usually always considered better and more time spent will always reverts to a finer product. We literally choose your wheels from our stock of forgings and cut the design chosen. We then mill the wheels accessories per request. From there we head to the studio to start the finishing process, the wheels are finished as per order received. The wheels are then equipped with the selections chosen. During this time the arrangement gets personal with the wheel specialist designated to your order. You can expect that the purchased products have been cared for from that first choice of wheel blank to that last piece of tape used to package your investment.
Why has Infamous Company chosen to supply their automobile wheels with a billet center piece?
Infamous Company automobile wheels are supplied with a billet center piece because we just simply refuse to incorporate “cheap” into our program. If you choose to buy our forged wheels, you will get a center piece that deserves to be mounted to a forged wheel. Plastic is cheap, we do not stand for it and neither should you.
What made Infamous Company partner with All Balls Racing and not manufacture their own wheel bearings?
We could have manufactured our own wheel bearings like every one of our competitors, but we realize the importance of a quality bearing. All Balls Racing is one of the finest bearing manufacturers know to the western world, they have also spread past our boarders into the overseas marketplace with a proven track record of quality. It was a simple decision for us to form this synergistic relationship. Infamous Company is a proud partner of All Balls Racing.
Can an OEM wheel bearing fit in Infamous Company’s motorcycle hubs?
Yes, OEM bearings will fit in our wheel hubs.
Infamous Company offers inhouse financing, is there anything I can do to aid in the approval?
We choose to offer inhouse financing because we realize the pressure of making ends meet. We also take note of the cost for a custom set of wheels and we realize that a little help can go a long way. We want your representation and we will do what ever it takes to assist you in supporting our ideas.
In most cases any job will get you accepted but even if you are between jobs or have been unemployed for the better half of a year, we will do our best to get you approved even without one. We encourage you to apply regardless of your situation.
If there is any further information that you require we please ask you to revert your questions to and we will get back to you as soon as we are able. We appreciate your interest.