With over 4 years of research and development, Infamous Company is prepared to launch their ideas fresh in the start of 2020. We have realized through these years that a broader array of options gives our client base a more extensive view as to what it is they want from one of the more costly aftermarket investments when it comes to their choice mode of transportation. Whether it is a day at the track, a weekend show and shine or simply just any other familiar day, we all want to set ourselves apart from one another. Having the option to create your own wheels design or your design choices finish allows us to feel dissimilar knowing the individual in the next stall is certainly not representing your style.

We fiercely feel that building our wheels in Canada gives us as a manufacturer as well as our clientele a stronger sense of support knowing that our quality of products becomes unparalleled to any of our competition. Utilizing a lofty team of attentive designers and engineers gives us the advantage to press limitations and employ a variance of perspectives. We all want to be unalike and we encourage you to test our potential.